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[etree]Sardine Head Live at Jirokichi on 2012-07-19 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Untitled 02.Fusion 03.MC 04.Leap Frog 05.Amp change,MC (During a play of "River The Wild") 06.River The Wild (Reprise) 07.MC 08.Yellow Tail 09.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 60
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2012-04-12 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Shuffle 02.Leap Frog > 03.Untitled > 04.Romanchica 05.MC 06.Nelson Set 2 01.MC 02.Untitled 03.Untitled 04.River The Wild 05.Trick Cycling 06.Goose Bumps 07.Blow Ripple 08.crowd Encore 09.MC 10.Encore: Yellow Tail
Downloads: 39
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2012-10-08 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Spiral 02.Untitled 03.Endorphin 04.MC 05.Untitled 06.New Spiral 07.River The Wild 08.Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit > 09.Trick Cycling 10.Soil 11.crowd 12.MC 13.Encore: Blow Ripple
Downloads: 56
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2013-03-21 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.IMprov 02.Nelson 03.Sun Day 04.New Spiral 05.Killifish Dance 06.MC 07.Chi Chi Booooo 08.MC 09.The Moss 10.Trip On 11.Blow Ripple Encore 12.MC 13.Encore: Soil
Downloads: 41
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Mojo on 2013-04-14 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Sun Day 02.New Spiral 03.Trip On 04.MC 05.Cycle 06.MC 07.Shuffle 08.MC 09.Moss 10.MC 11.No Otoko 12.MC 13.Nelson Encore 14.Soil
Downloads: 47
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2010 on 2010-07-23 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.MC 02.Dark Star 03.Help On The Way > 04.Slipknot > 05.Franklin's Tower 06.MC 07.Unbroken Chain 08.MC
Downloads: 122
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2010-10-13 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Romanchica 02.Fusion 03.Killifish Dance 04.MC 05.Untitled 06.MC 07.Nelson Set 2 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.W L* 04.MC 05.R S* 06.Goose Bumps 07.MC 08.P S* 09.MC 10.Soil 11.crowd 12.MC 13.Encore 1: The Ending 14.MC 15.Untitled*
Downloads: 56
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2011-04-07 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Improv 02.River The Wild 03.Nelson 04.Fusion 05.Killifish Dance 06.MC 07.Untitled 08.Goose Bumps 09.Yellow Tale 10.crowd Encore 11.MC 12.Encore: Soil
Downloads: 94
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2009-10-08 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Yellow Tale 02.Bamboo Baby 03.38 Pieces 04.Rise Sunrise 05.Fusion 06.MC 07.Goose Bumps 08.MC 09.Pool > 10.Interlude 2 > 11.Soil 12.MC 13.Block Signal 14.MC 15.The Ending 16.MC 17.Encore: Movin'*
Downloads: 56
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Star Pine's Cafe on 2009-03-03 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Romanchica 02.MC 03.Fusion* 04.MC 05.Goose Bumps* 06.MC 07.Soil 08.Interlude > Drum Solo > 09.The Ending
Downloads: 50
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Club Fleez on 2009-06-20 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Romanchica 02.MC 03.Funk 04.MC/Tuning/Improv 05.Fusion 06.MC 07.Cream Cheese Cake 08.Goose Bumps 09.Killifish Dance 10.MC 11.Bamboo Baby 12.Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit 13.Soil 14.The Ending 15.MC 16.Block Signal 17.corwd 18.MC 19.Encore: Pool >Loop
Downloads: 68
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2008-11-12 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 1 Set 01.Yellow Tale 02.MC 03.Beg 04.Go Get Your Lemon > 05.Bamboo Baby 06.The Ending 2 Set 07.Shuffle* 08.Trick Cycling* 09.Killifish Dance* 10.MC Disc 2 01.Cream Cheese Cake* 02.MC 03.Untitled 04.Block Signal 05.Soil 06.Crowd,MC Encore 07.Interlude > 08.Drum Solo > 09.Chi Chi Booooo 10.Loop*
Downloads: 89
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Tsukimiru-Kimiomou on 2008-08-30 - Sardine Head
1 Set Moving > Interlude > Drum Solo > Trick Cycling MC Beg Block Signal The Ending
Downloads: 102
[etree]mars mushrooms Live at Kashiwa Drunkard's Stadium on 2007-12-28 - mars mushrooms
01.Martian Meat Eating Society Jam > 02.Liquid Laughter 03.MC 04.Birthday Cake 05.MC 06.Mr. Caveman 07.MC 08.Lilly Street > 09.Get On The Bus 10.E:Master Of The Universe
Downloads: 395
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Earth Embassy / Solar Cafe on 2008-07-20 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Yellow Trick Tale 02.Killifish Dance 03.The Ending 04.MC 05.Chi Chi Booooo 06.38 Pieces 07.MC 08.Interlude 09.Soil 10.MC 11.Block Signal 12.crowd,MC 13.Encore: Loop
Downloads: 155
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-02-15 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.MC 02.Funk 03.Shuffle 04.Pool 05.Romanchica 06.MC 07.Trick Cycling 08.Killifish Dance 09.MC 10.Soil 11.Block Signal 12.Encore:MC 13.Encore:ChiChi Booooo
Downloads: 416
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2011-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Romanchica 02.Leap Frog 03.Nelson 04.Untitled 05.Untitled* 06.River The Wild 07.Soil Set 2 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.Eyes Of The World** > 04.Funk Jam > 05.Fire On The Mountain** 06.MC 07.Killifish Dance 08.MC 09.Ship Of Fools** 10.MC 11.On The Bright Side Of The Road*** 12.crowd (Encore) 13.MC 14.Movin' 15.Yellow Tale 16.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 70
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Chikyuya on 2011-11-13 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Romanchica 02.MC 03.Rise Sunrise 04.Untitled* 05.River The Wild 06.MC 07.Beg 08.MC 09.Blow Ripple 10.MC 11.Encore: Block Signal
Downloads: 50
[etree]Keller Williams Live at Daikanyama,Shibuya on 2007-10-21 - Keller Williams
Disc 1 01. Instra * 02. Freeker by the Speaker> 03. Word Up> 04. Freeker Repise 05. Kiwi and The Apricot> 06. Kidney In A Cooler> 07. Play This> 08. Dude Loop 09. Life Is 10. Doobie in my Pocket 11. Scarlet Begonias 12. The Wedge 13. Freakshow on the Mountain Disc 2 01. Breathe> 02. Up in my Caddilac> 03. Breathe 04. Bob Rules> 05. Another Brick in the Wall Part1> Part3> Part2> 06. Bob Rules 07. You Are What You Eat 08...
Downloads: 2,354
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-10-17 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Pool > 02.Shuffle 03.MC 04.The Ending 05.MC 06.Trick Cycling 07.MC 08.Untitled* > 09.Killifish Dance 10.MC 11.Untitled* > 12.Soil 13.MC 14.Interlude > 15.Drum Solo >Block Signal 16.Encore break,MC 17.Encore: Yellow Tale
Downloads: 103
[etree]Dirty Dozen Brass Band Live at Fuji Rock Festival - Field of Heaven on 2012-07-29 - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Set 1 01.Charlie Dozen 02.Tomorrow 03. 04.Second Line > Don't You Tell Nobody > I Got A Big Fat Woman > 05.When The Saints Go Marching In 06. 07.Get On Up 08.Dirty Old Man
Downloads: 238
[etree]Majestic Circus Live at Shibuya PLUG on 2007-06-03 - Majestic Circus
SET1 Redemption Song* T-Birth > Keep Yo Balance I Feel Good That's All Iko Iko > Cissy Strut >Come Together Tease >Cissy Strut Tears Of A Crown SET2 Intro Another Beauty Planet Smile Playing In The Band >SOMA > Spring Wind >Aligator Jam Mystic Forest ( ) Mighty Tight Woman Ain't That Peculiar > Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad Crowd Encore Funny Dance > Saint Hole
Downloads: 2,299
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Freaky Show on 2013-01-26 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Cycle 02.Sun Day 03.Killifish Dance 04.MC 05.Untitled 06.New Spiral 07.River The Wild 08.MC 09.Nelson Set 2 10.Soil 11.Snakes & Ladders 12.Rogers 13.The Moss 14.MC 15.Climb 16.Blow Ripple 17.Goose Bumps 18.crowd Encore 19.MC 20.Trick Cycling 21.MC 22.Untitled
Downloads: 36
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2013-01-18 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Tuning 02.Cycle 03.Sun Day 04.New Spiral 05.MC 06.Romanchica 07.The Moss 08.Untitled 09.MC 10.River The Wild 11.Blow Ripple 12.crowd Encore 13.MC 14.Rogers 15.Killifish Dance*
Downloads: 62
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Star Pine's Cafe on 2007-10-10 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Block Signal 02.Untitled* 03.Cream Cheese Cake 04.MC 05.Killifish Dance > 06.Beg 07.Romanchica 08.Soil
Downloads: 313
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Farmhouse on 2009-10-24 - Sardine Head
Set1 01.Improv 02.Rise Sunrise 03.MC 04.Fusion 05.Goose Bumps 06.Soil 07.Block Signal Set 2 08.Killifish Dance 09.MC 10.Beg 11.Trick Cycling 12.MC 13.Helpless* 14.MC 15.Fire On The Mountain** 16.Interlude 2 > 17.The Ending 18.MC Encore 1 19.Movin' 20.MC 21.Loop 22.crowd Encore 2 23.38 Pieces
Downloads: 115
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2010-07-15 - Sardine Head
Set 1 (Disc:1) 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.Fusion 04.Killifish Dance 05.Interlude 2 >Drum Solo> 06.Romanchica 07.MC 08.Nelson Set 2 09.Shuffle Reprise* (Disc:2) 01.MC 02.Preparation** 03.Goose Bumps* 04.MC 05. 世界遺産のテーマ(World Heritage Theme)*** 06.MC 07.Block Signal* 08.MC 09.Soil 10.crowd (Encore) 11.MC 12.Encore: Loop*
Downloads: 65
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2011-03-25 - Sardine Head
Set 1 Acoustic 01.MC 02.Intro Jam 03.Nelson 04.Fusion 05.Rise Sunrise 06.Soil 07.MC,Happy Birthday* 08.Movin' Set 2 Electric 01.MC 02.Goose Bumps 03.Romanchica 04.River The Wild 05.MC 06.Untitled 07.Interlude 2 > 08.Drum Solo > 09.Loop 10.crowd Encore 11.MC 12.Encore: Block Signal
Downloads: 84
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers 2 on 2010-09-05 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Shuffle 02.Fusion 03.MC 04.Turbo Engine 05.MC 06.New Song* 07.Trick Cycling 08.Goose Bumps 09.MC 10.Nelson 11.Soil 12.crowd 13.MC 14.Encore: Block Signal
Downloads: 64
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2009-02-10 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Go Get Your Lemon 02.Shuffle 03.MC 04.Beg 05.MC 06.Tele Tele Television 07.MC 08.Untitled 09.Romanchica 10.MC 11.Killifish Dance 12.Block Signal 13.Interlude > Drum Solo > 14.The Ending (Encore) 15.MC 16.Encore: Movin'
Downloads: 57
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2007-04-20 - Sardine Head
Set 1 Disc1 01.Block Signal 02.Shuffle 03.MC 04.Untitled 05.Cream Cheese Cake 06.MC 07.Trick Cycling* 08.MC 09.Loop Set 2 Disc2 01.Happy BirthDay to you > MC 02.Killifish Dance 03.Naked Star* > 38 Pieces** 04.MC 05.Dream Man 06.Yellow Tale 07.Soil Encore Disc3 01.banter 02.E1:Untitled > 03.E2:Movin'
Downloads: 953
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2010-03-05 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.38 Pieces 02.MC 03.Chi Chi Booooo 04.MC 05.Fusion 06.MC 07.Pool 08.Interlude 2> 09.Killifish Dance Set 2 01.Romanchica 02.Trick Cycling 03.MC 04.Go Get Your Lemon 05.MC 06.New Song 07.Soil 08.Block Signal 09.crowd (Encore) 01.MC 02.Goose Bumps 03.Yellow Tale
Downloads: 162
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2011-05-16 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Romanchica 02.Fusion 03.MC 04.Untitled 05.Killifish Dance 06.River The Wild 07.Soil 08.The Ending 09.crowd 10.Encore:MC 11.Encore: Block Signal
Downloads: 52
[etree]moe. Live at yokohama Bay Hall on 2007-04-21 - moe.
First Set: 01.Intro 02.Crab Eyes 03.She Sends Me 04.Blue Jeans Pizza 05.Shoot First 06.Bring It Back Home> 07.She> 08.Akimbo Second Set: 09.Intro 10.Timmy Tucker> 11.Head 12.So Long 13.Buster 14.crowd Encore: 15.Encore Intro 16.Don't Fear The Reaper 17.Spine Of A Dog
Downloads: 6,414 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]Sardine Head Live at CROCODILE on 2007-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.MC 02.Loop 03.Cream Cheese Cake 04.MC 05.Plastic Paradise 06.38 Pieces 07.MC 08.Yellow Trick Tail 09.Killifish Dance 10.MC 11.Untitled Set 2 01.MC 02.Shuffle 03.Turbo Engine 04.Romanchica 05.Dream Man 06.Den Yen No Higashi 07.Red* 08.Funk 09.MC 10.Block Signal 11.Soil 12.Crowd 13.Encore 1: Strip Star 14.Encore 2: Movin'
Downloads: 239
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-06-20 - Sardine Head
Set 1 Tuning,Improv> The Ending* MC Romanchica MC Trick Cycling Yellow Tale Dream Man Set 2 MC New Tune** Killifish Dance Interlude > Endorphine MC Block Siganal MC Soil crowd Encore: Movin'
Downloads: 136
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage on 2012-03-31 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Romanchica 02.Killifish Dance 03.Untitled 04.River The Wild
Downloads: 69
[etree]Dumpstaphunk Live at Fuji Rock Festival - Field of Heaven on 2012-07-29 - Dumpstaphunk
Set 1 01.Deeper 02.Everybody Want Sum 03.Water 04.Blueswave 05.If I'm In Luck, I Just Might Get Picked Up 06.Fame 07.Put It In The Dumpsta 08.Lt. Dan 09.Meanwhile...
Downloads: 268 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Fumotoppara on 2010-08-28 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.MC 02.Romanchica 03.Fusion 04.On The Border 05.Killifish Dance 06.MC 07.Interlude > 08.Goose Bumps 09.MC 10.Nelson 11.Soil 12.MC
Downloads: 68
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Tsukimirukimiomou on 2013-05-09 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Trip On 02.River The Wild 03.MC 04.Shuffle 05.Nelson 06.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 28
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2012-05-13 - Sardine Head
Set1 01.Untitled 02.Untitled > 03.Fusion 04.Killifish Dance 05.MC 06.Leap Frog > 07.Nelson 08.Interlude 09.Blow Ripple 10.MC 11.River The Wild 12.MC 13.Block Signal Encore 14.MC 15.Soil
Downloads: 57
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Star Pine's Cafe on 2009-07-15 - Sardine Head
01.Shuffle 02.Beg 03.MC 04.Untitled* 05.MC 06.Fusion 07.Soil 08.MC 09.Chi Chi Booooo 10.crowd,MC 11.Encore: Goose Bumps
Downloads: 69
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2011-05-23 - Sardine Head
Set 1 (Disc:1) 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.River The Wild 04.Goose Bumps 05.Trick Cycling 06.MC 07.Untitled 08.Nelson 09.MC 10.Yellow Tale 11.crowd (Disc:2) 01.Encore: 02.Encore: Soil
Downloads: 55
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2009-05-14 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 1 Set 01.Goose Bumps 02.MC 03.Bamboo Baby 04.MC 05.Block Signal 06.MC 07.Tele Tele Television 08.The Ending 09.MC Disc:2 Set 1 Cont 01.Fusion 02.Soil 03.MC 04.Movin'* Encore 1 05.MC 06.Trick Cycling** Encore 2 07.Crowd>MC 08.Killifish Dance
Downloads: 74
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2009-06-05 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Romanchica 02.MC 03.Cream Cheese Cake 04.Trick Cycling 05.Yellow Tale 06.Goose Bumps 07.MC 08.Fusion 09.Soil 10.Encore: Dram Solo>The Ending
Downloads: 72
[etree]Fly Live at Earth Embassy / Solar Cafe on 2008-07-19 - Fly
Downloads: 837
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-01-11 - Sardine Head
1 Set 01.Yellow Tale 02.38 Pieces 03.Killifish Dance 04.MC 05.Chi Chi Booooo 06.Untitled 07.Soil
Downloads: 189
[etree]mars mushrooms Live at Era, Shimokitazawa, Japan on 2008-01-10 - mars mushrooms
1 Set 01.Overdose 02.F-Jam 03.Brain 04.Birthday Cake 05.River > Queen Of Darkness 06.Master Of The Universe 07.MC 08.Mr.Caveman
Downloads: 679
[etree]Steve Kimock Live at Yokohama Bay Hall on 2013-03-24 - Steve Kimock
Set 1 01.It's Up to You 02.54-46 03.Take Me to the River 04.A New Africa 05.You Can't Do That> 06.Super Stupid Set 2 01.Tongue n' Groove 02.TLC 03.Afro Blue 04.Hey Man 05.There's Gonna Be Butter 06.Red Hot Mama 07.crowd Encore 08.Encore:Sleepwalk
Downloads: 766 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2011 - Fumottopara on 2011-07-17 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Eyes Of The World 02.Terrapin Station 03.MC 04.Scarlet Begonias > 05.Fire On The Mountain 06.MC 07.Ship of Fools
Downloads: 305
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